Meta Device: Track Dsp Rearranger


So the meta-device would essentially be a list of a tracks dsp audio devices, it would sit furthest most to the right or left of the DSP. and this device would be automatable.

a cool idea. +1

i’m just wondering if realtime rearranging would result in clicks and pops…

When the idea formulated, I was moving a reverb device around a gainer at the end of a chain, and it was making a very subtle “woomb”. the sound was remarkable. It brought me back to the times when I was using hardware and was always moving effects around in the chain to get different sounds.

Problem I ran into after posting this was how the pattern editor reacts to actually doing this. The pattern editor effects commands change while moving the effects around. so having a bunch of effects commands in there like resets and IO change around. so if I added an lfo to all this it all go wonky quick! :D

Pretty funny idea, but I think you can damage your speakers very easy by rearanging dsp devices.
For example if you switch: distortion --> compressor to compressor–>distortion.


er, by wonky I mean it would be hard to input new commands or even change them during play because the effects column commands would be changing.

hah I think I would only ‘want’ to imagine what that would sound like :D

Even though there are safetys put in place from sending too hot of a signal that would be a drawback.