Metadevices With Scripting?

I’ve been working on this off and on for a few months.
Has anyone been successful with using an observable object from a metadevice then routing it through an OSC loopback to control other objects?
So much goes into this, from translating values from the observable metadevice parameter to a value another object can identify with.
Last time I was on this, the main thing holding this back was getting the values handled properly.
But since taking a break from it, just trying to get the tool to not throw errors is giving me lot’s of trouble.

maybe you faced with my same problem?

then, try taking this script as an example of DSP parameters value management

That is exactly what I have been trying to do using OSC.

Only instead of using the 128 limit of midi, using the number of frames in the instrument’s sample buffer.
Although the 128 limit does make it easy to section it up nicely in with the sample pointer index. :)

turns out, oscglue while windows only, may be able to solve the issue I’m having.

oscglue works.

I have both the loop markers being controlled with an lfo meta-device.

i guess it pays to take a break sometimes. :)