[Metal (synth)] Title: Dying

Hello, I go by Magical3 on many sites. I have been using Renoise for 1-2 years. I have been doing quite a bit recently, although I still have a lot to learn. Renoise 3.0 does make it easier though!

This is a song I have been working on the past couple of days, it is a kind of technical metal piece. I used a variety of vsts, mainly Dimension Pro, and a good free vst called spicyguitar, that I used effects to make sound like an electric guitar, because I could not find anything else good to use. Very fast, and real people could never actually play some parts.

Hope you enjoy!

Also, is there a way to embed Bandcamp music? I couldn’t figure it out.


Cool, very jazzy approach. The lead guitar sounds very convincing.

If you need some guitar samples to work with for power chords and what not, they need some editing, but I’ve posted a few XRNI’s that might help you. I would completely replace the effects on them though.

Thanks! The first link looks pretty promising. I tried a vst called DSK Electrik GuitarZ, but couldn’t get a good unclipped tone from it with effects. This one sounds pretty good, and being a renoise instrument means that I can use the internal tracker effects better.