Metal Vs Jungle

hi there!
working on something like a crossover between metal and jungle/breaks
but I find myself a bit lost in the sound … and besides wrestling with the
sound itself, I’m wondering if I made the right choices in mixing these

anyway, I’d really appreciate some thoughts, input, rambles
or any verbal bollocks you can come up with

thanks in advance guys

btw. it may sound a bit over the top at times,
but that’s just my bad taste for drama

Never been a metal head, but I like the energy this radiates, nods head screwface stylee …thing of crit. would be the narrow frequency range this is trapped in, offcourse metal & distortion go hand in hand… maybe a breakdown without the screaming guitars would serve as a nice breathing space + some more hints at bass? whatever, RZPKT

The composition of the song is great!
I love the drama

my thoughts:
When doing something with fast beats, I believe the low freqs are the fundation of the track. It’s got to be solid. Trying to keep the kick and bassline from being muddy, but still boosting it’s warmth (bassline) and body (kick).

I hear no warmth and body in this song. Far from it. It’s like the song goes through a highpass filter, … it is without definition.

If you ar gona change the kick you should not use a long kick, but a short one maybe even try to find and boost the snap in the kick somewhere in the high freq range .

i think those two genres can be mixed together, but you should be careful because using distorted guitars + distorted hard drums and bass can result in overly messy overall mix. And i think that song is little messy indeed and its little hard to listen to cause ears will get tired/fatigued pretty fast.
I have always said that distortion is good effect to use for hardening some drums, breaks etc… But if used too much it will sound cheep and what even more important not pleasent for ears.

for example this mix uses little metal stuff in drum and bass sound and it sounds nice to me.

I think you should try to make some space in your song so it wount sound too crowded… IMO

i was about to mention how when i was 17 i did a metal/dnb crossover and that it was a remix of a FEAR FACTORY song (!)… now should i be ashamed of myself?

nahh… i love fear factory!!!

botb - haven’t seen yar around these parts lately! hope you’re doin ok!

song comments:

excellent mash up as always.
i like this a lot, it really makes me wanna get up and beat the shit out of somebody.
i agree with everybody else’s comments about mixing.
you have a beautiful foundation for a track here, now you just got to clean it up a little bit and it will be amazing!

Sonically this lack bottom end of the sound spectrum.

Me, I would do more open E palm muting and chugging. I think the kind of beats you are doing would work better with hardcore (and all of it’s contemporary variants) than with metal, although I have an obvious personal bias here. For example, this album albeit is a little dated is very intense yet sonically simple and I feel this style would better compliment your competing drum programming.

Personally, I can’t take dueling drum solos along side guitar solos. Your composition is amazing as usual but like all metal from the 80’s with crazy guitar solos all I can ask myself is “why?”

everybody says that this mix lacks bass and i agree with that… Botb, do you still mix on your “soundsystem du jardin”?? :lol:

I am very much into both metal and jungle. This is just some of the sickest shit man.

Aside from the obvious mastering (could see where this would be very hard to finetune), this is just killer. I like what starts building at 2:00. So haunting.

The beat you created for it fits very nicely.

The only problem I have with your productions is I don’t have enough of them for my personal mp3 collection. Where can I get more of your stuff?

Mirrorus Surrectium has provided shitloads of enjoyment.

dj io was on point with the knocking the shit outta someone comment. This is Chuck Norris roundhouse to the dome inspiring goodness.

That feeling I got as a kid when leaving the movie Rocky…

Many many thanks for all your input!!
Yeah, the mix needs to be more tight, more “in-yo-face”…

I guess I’m gonna try to put more control over the delays
and reverbs… Kcirr3d, you’re right about the kick, it’s suffering
from a delay which makes it ‘longer’…

Am still wondering what to do with the beats… I like its ratteley
flavour, but it may a bit too much at times. Maybe introducing a
louder basskick halfway? And yeah, it needs an extra less-distorted
bridge… hmm…

Lots of work to do, back to the smothery :P
And yeah, still mixing on soundsystem du jardin, alas…
Thanks again guys, really appreciate it!

oh and btw… if any of you guys have any technical advice… well, yes please :P

rad man.
intense stuff I LIKE.

Sum stuff i noticed also is:

Lack of bottom end.
A little messy / undefined.

But man, serious nice recipe

Okay, I tried to get a tighter mix, got rid of some reverb and kicked
back on the delay and so on and so forth… still much room for improvement
but it’s impossible to listen to the whole song in renoise without
overheating my lappie… rendering costs precious time…
anyways, the url hasn’t changed, the file has:

did another quickie with the same recipe… it’s a fun thing to play with…tb_-_telham.mp3

haha, cheers man! there’s not much online, only skalestuff…
it just sits here on a harddisc, waiting for something to happen

cool to hear you enjoyed mirrorus so much! I’ve uploaded the entire
ep if you’re interested, it’s basically more of the same :)…

Coool. I’m a bit of a metalhead myself and I dig this s**t. Drum track is maybe a bit too rough for me but still, these genres are just begging to be combined.

That mix trackit posted sounds really awesome :yeah:

Here is a trailer music from a game called Shadowgrounds. It’s not jungle but it’s a great example about mixing breakbeat with metal… I think.…%20assassin.mp3

Here is a nice track mixing death metal.

botb: why did you take this off the yomi server? :o this is some of your best work!!! :D … good thing I can still find it on your myspace account! :P

Yay! I would love to hear this. Could you fix the link?


He’s got it here:

Sounds interessting, but where is the metal?