Metallic Phasing While Recording Through Jack

added this to the other thread about a buzz in the computer but due to no answers as of yet i just started my own - in retrospect, it wasn’t fair to hijack that other thread either.

i sometimes record audio from tv or my phone, so headphone out on phone through a jack-jack cable, and sound out through the tv via rca-jack cable, into the mic input on my laptop. the problem is that the audio always comes with a metal-ly sound, sort of metallic phasing or something. it’s actually quit a nice effect, but obviously it screws with the recordings.
did some Googling but couldn’t find out exactly what the problem was. maybe someone here knows?

Any kind of metallic phasing sound like you’ve described seems like it could be some kind of tiny feedback loop somewhere.

You can see what I mean in Renoise by adding a delay with a very small delay size like 1ms or 2ms, then cranking up the feedback amount. Or with the chorus, flanger, or phaser, etc. Does it sound anything like this?

So… maybe double check your recording source in Windows sound mixer. Make sure that you’re recording direcly from the line-in source (or whatever), rather than the stereo mix or ‘what you hear’ source, as this would be a prime candidate for introducing some feedback.

Why are you using Mic In and not Line In?

Are you definitely not recording through the built-in microphone your laptop quite possibly has as well?

Play about with the Sound Mixer and try and find exactly which fader controls what source and have all others turned off.

your suggestions made me look into the windows sound settings and i found out that ‘noise suppression’ was switched on. i thought that metallic phase effect sounded familiar… anyway, that was the problem. thanks for pointing me in the right direction!