Metric Halo Multiband VSTs: Double-click stops working in Renoise

I am just demoing the Metric Halo production bundle and have found a strange issue.

renoise 64bit,

plugs 64bit

windows 7

If I initialise the multi-band expander it disables the abilty to do double-left mouse clicks in renoise. So you can`t for example load a file from the renoise browser.

When you delete the plug then normal functionality returns and double-click is restored throughout renoise.

It happens with the multiband compressor too. To trigger it you may have to expand the GUI of the plug and play around with sizing (buttons on top left of it`s GUI). But once triggered, it reproduces consistantly.

The plug GUI doesn`t have to stay open for the problem to persist. The plug just needs to be present in the song.

This bug doesn`t appear in bitwig as of yet.