Metronome & Precount Settings In Song Settings

I’d like for Metronome & Precount Settings to be located in the Song Settings section (instead of in the main Settings section) and to, therein, be specified specifically for each song file individually and to, therein, be saved for each song file individually.

If this feature were implemented then one wouldn’t have to go to the main settings and change the settings of the Metronome & Precount Settings, there, every time one opened any song file whose Metronome & Precount Settings one desired to be different than the Metronome & Precount Settings of any other particular song file.

This feature that I’m requesting is not very high priority for me, but if it were implemented it would make things a little bit more convenient for me (and maybe also for other Renoise users).

I can live without this feature that I’m requesting, but it would be nice if this feature were there. If no one else would like this feature, then I’ll be satisfied to live without it.