Mick Rippon Was In Gabriel Knight 2

Mick -

GK -

Don’t deny it :D

The most beautiful man in the cosmos!!?!?

Needs more lofi.

hahahah! I don’t think so. ok, I’ll prove it.


Sorry Mick, but anyone can tell that’s you without stage makeup on the left. I didn’t know you were an actor, that’s amazing!

Touché! I consider this like choose your own adventure… In that case, I’m the pirate. :D

The wookie was totally uncalled for. So I replaced it with myself in corpsepaint:

Edit: The blueness is due to stage lighting, I normally don’t have blue skin. Nor do I wear corpsepaint. :D

Why are aubrey de grey and tom jenkinson (circa the mid 90s) not in that lineup? :P

Because they are still alive, the rest above is dead, presumed dead, or wanted dead.

Who wants me dead??? :ph34r: