Microkorg - Patch Creation Blog


I’ve just started a patch creation blog for the MicroKorg. Mainly started to help with my own ignorance of synthesizers this may be useful to some of you. Check it out.

MicroKorg - Patch a Week


Awesome, I well definitely start following this. My own microKORG has been pretty neglected as of late, so I’ll take this opportunity to try out your patches.

Hope you find it of some use! I listened to your track and left a comment on my blog - was this sequenced in Renoise? Were any effects added to the MK, the glockenspiel patch sounded great! For some reason your track made me think of this:

Hi everyone,

Just uploaded a new blog post, Ambient Pad. Check it out:

Patch 002 - Ambient Pad


Very nice! I’ve got MS2000.

The latest patch is now available - a classic synth string sound.

Check it out here:

Patch 003 - Solina Strings


Another week, another patch! Check out a cool arp with no oscillators by clicking the link below:

Patch 004 - Oscillatorless Wonky Arp


Hi everyone,

Just to update you on my patch creation blog - microKORG Patch a Week.

I have just completed a series where I programmed 8 drum patches, called the microKORK Analog Drum Kit (ADK for short). There is a link to each of the patches on the introductory page, or feel free to jump to the page with all the samples. I can’t promise that the samples are groundbreaking, or terribly good for that matter, but at least they are original. B)

Hope you enjoy.