Microsoft Dubstep

I’ll just leave this here…

If I were, say, thinking of making music software for touch devices and, err, I dunno, it ran the same OS as most of the user base of my current app, and some huge company released something that would probably sell a million on the first day…

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Very cool

Not the commercial I thought it was, that’s a way nicer song.


Thanks Mats Bro

I believe I read somewhere, the Windows 7 — > 8 upgrade is going to be about $39.95… I’ve never upgraded a computer operating system before… hopefully its simple… I upgraded the OS on my iPhone, that was a breeze! So I am hoping that its an automatic updater thing… Usually, I just wait till my next machine, but I’m digging what I am hearing about Win 8…

That machine looks amazing!

Some of the highlights of the Windows 8 pro version:
-Full HD resolution
-mini display port
-Intel Ivy Bridge Processor
-Velocity sensitive keyboard cover!

Rather fekkin’ perfect for “us” I’d say! :)

And this song proves it!!! Familiarity breeds contempt, but really Bill Gates was every bit as awesome as Steve Jobs and Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds. Maybe not as cool. But, just as awesome. Or more awesome? Go Windows! Wooo-hooo, 4th of July! For just $39.95 you can upgrade to freedom? Awesome.

Upgrading Windows to a never version always have been a big PITA. A lot of stuff never worked anymore after an upgrade so you had to reinstall. When Windows 7 came out, Microsoft gave up on attempting to upgrade XP directly to Windows 7 and instead gave you the EasyTransfer option where you could port most of your user settings over to the newly installed environment. But all programs had to be reinstalled.

I have no idea how Mac does that but from what i read in your comment about the iPhone, it sounds like they do this a lot better.

Vista (and consequentially Win7, which is based on it) was pretty much a complete rewrite from the kernel upwards, so upgrading it always going to be nigh on impossible! Vista to Win7 should be far more simple though, as should from whenever the last big rewrite was (98 or ME I think…)

That’s terrible! oh well… thanks for the warning though

B) :lol:

LOL! Don’t like the music at all but I heard 1 or two im going to sample… lol. ugh.