Microsoft Wga And Other Crappy Updates

I think I see what you’re saying, but I don’t agree on the “everything” word.
I don’t think Christina Aguilera, Sean Paul, Britney Spears… started in the underground. At least not in the form they are presented to us now. I’d say they were picked by some marketing guys and “produced” by some industry-established formula to sell a certain amount of records. Those who buy their CDs probably buy them simply because that’s what they see on MTV. And the producers could push them on MTV because they have the (financial) power to do it.
Do you honestly think it would be a bad thing if those producers lost some money and we’d actually see some alternatives?

time to try linux. I’ll bive ubuntu a try.

I’m not trying to defend Microsoft, but I don’t believe everything that is negatively written over them. If I could play my games and use my music apps under linux I would have done so long ago. Ubuntu rocks, but the drivers for my particular audiointerface don’t work well (don’t buy Tascam if you plan to use linux, in fact don’t buy Tascam at all… no 64bit windows drivers, no linux drivers). Sadly Wine development goes very slow… not yet an option.

Then don’t install WGA… MS has already changed it btw. It’s not phoning home as often and eventually it will do that even less. I didn’t notice any change in my connection, so not sure if only WGA is the cause of that. I don’t blame MS for the WGA thing. For new software you download from the MS site you need WGA. There’s no problem if you got windows legally… a lot of people got windows with their pc’s and besides there are free alternatives.

I’m not pro-windows or pro-ms, but I don’t see anything wrong with MS activities. They need to make a living too. What do you think IT-companies do? they have even wackier licensing schemes. You have to pay a lot of money every year just to be able to use a program while most of the time nothing changes in those systems (note: this is just to be able to use the software, if you want support you have to pay even more).

I agree DRM is evil and CD’s that I can’t play after X times without paying more money I won’t buy. I’ll download the stuff that I can’t get in a DRM free, open format. I’m sorry for the artist, but he/she has signed up for the wrong label. He’s responsible in this too. He/she has a choice in this too.

How can MS decide how crippling DRM is. I believe MS can supply a DRM system, but it shouldn’t be in anyones way when not used. The content has to make use of it first to become crippling :?

Monthly subscription fee? well, not sure how licensing would be different from the current schemes. Most of the time windows updates are not very important for servers because they often can’t be rebooted to install them :P. Service packs are more important…

I don’t think they’d to that with consumer versions. How can they? How many people will actually pay for that do you think? Doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. More windows computers will be victim of exploits. Bad marketing for MS and loss of even more customers.

OpenGL is now handled by video drivers for the graphics card. Don’t think that will change. Isn’t MS building in OpenGL emulation for those videocards that don’t have standard OpenGL support. I don’t understand this argument. Unless all graphics must be handled by DirectX, but then it wouldn’t make any sense: unfair competition, no 3rd party drivers, lawsuits, etc.

Vista 15GB? probably when you have everything installed. With you can strip everything you don’t need. Most laptop harddrives are still under 100GB, how are they gonna sell this if you have to use a tenth to almost half of the harddrive for just the OS?

As mentioned in earlier posts, have you tried Ubuntu? The forums are quite good too and should help you out with anything that doesn’t work first time. There are also some nice starter guides on how you should get your system up and running and some nice threads about which software to get.