Microtonal Pitch Offset Effect Command

Here’s a feature I would really like to have (unless there’s some way to do this already that I don’t know about): an effect command for sample instruments that offsets the pitch of the samples microtonally, 00 being no offset and FF being one semitone sharp (so if you wanted to offset downwards just start from a semitone down).

yes, been suggested before…hopefully one day it is possible to load in .tun files that automatically offset the pitch tuning of the different samples in an instrument .

Loading scala files would be nice, yes, but three things about a pitch offset effect command:

a. Unless you are using something like 1500 tone equal temperament in your scala file, you have waaaay more pitches available to you with the effect command. This would be usefull for doing things like switching to a different microtonal scale several times within a track.

b. Say you want just one note to be slightly different. With the scala way, you would have to make another scala file just for that single note.

c. I don’t know, but I can imagine it would be much easier to implement.

Of course, there are definitely advantages that loading scala files has over the effect command, but I would prefer the latter (don’t know about others though).

Here’s another idea I had that uses a combination of the two:

You can pick a scale from a list of loaded scala files, but it isn’t associated with any particular instrument. Any sample instrument you play will use that scale, and if you record notes with that scale the notes will automatically have the microtonal pitch offset command written in (just like you can have note delays automatically written in). Some advantages that has over associating a scala file with an instrument are:

a. You can swap instruments without having the melody totally screwed up.

b. You can easily use one scale with multiple instruments, not having to load the scale for each one.

c. You can easily use multiple scales with one instrument, not having to make another copy of that instrument for each scale you want to use with it.

So that I would really really like, but anything that gives Renoise some sort of microtonal capabilities would make me happy.

Microtonal pitch offset would be great.


I think this is not a bad idea, but also i think there would not be too many users for this kind of command.

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I think this is not a bad idea, but also i think there would not be too many users for this kind of command.

Even in the case that not many of the current Renoise users would use this, I do think it would be a significant attraction for the microtonal niche, since with this feature Renoise would be able to do things that you can’t do even using fully retunable vstis. You would be able to use absolutely any pitches you want without having your scala files get unmanageable and you would be able to tweak individual notes microtonally while hearing them in their context.

Think of it like this: a fully retunable vsti is sort of like using an instrument like a piano or harp, which you can tune to a given microtonal scale after some time and effort. The microtonal pitch offset effect command is sort of like using an instrument like a violin, fretless guitar, or your voice, with which you have complete control over the pitches that you use. Therefore, you can use any pitches at all (within the range of the instrument) without any sort of preparation.</0x0000562852ed4c40>