Microtonic And Renoise

Anyone using microtonic (Sonic Charge µTonic).

Here’s the issue, I press stop in microtonic not to use their presets so I can create mine within renoise, then I enter a note in renoise’s pattern sequencer (the particular note is equivalent to a drum slot in microtonic), and press play in renoise. Then that particular slot gets muted, and therefore I get no sound.

But if I keep the play in Microtonic lit and press play in renoise I get the sounds from their presets.


What am I doing wrong? Any1?

i use microtonic in almost every tune nowadays.
never experienced what you described above.
what version are you using?


I remember I didn’t use to have this problem and now I do.

Maybe I’ll unisntall and recheck.

same version here.
i just noticed that even if i mute the respective slot i’m utilizing in microtonic via the “m” button, next to the channel button, then this slot will actually only mute, when making use of microtonic’s internal pattern engine and not when telling renoise to call the notes (stop button = active)

so muting slots in microtonic [i]should[/i] have no effect when programming beats via renoise’s pattern editor.

Nope, :( still having problems after creaning registry and the whole deal.

here is what I basiclly have.

In renoise’s patern sequence the key “Z” should be equivalente to microtonic’s slot I.

But in my computer “Z” is being linked to the “m” on slot I, and so forth!

And if I just hit play in renoise without entering any notes with the play lit in microtonic, it’ll play its presets normaly.


God damn it. I need to use this program…

Any ideas?


my keyboard is a QWERTZ one.

C-3 = Play µTonic Slot I (key “Q”)
C#3 = Play µTonic Slot II (key “2”)
D-3 = Play µTonic Slot III (key “W”)
D#3 = Play µTonic Slot IV (key “3”)
E-3 = Play µTonic Slot V (key “E”)
F-3 = Play µTonic Slot VI (key “R”)
F#3 = Play µTonic Slot VII (key “5”)
G-3 = Play µTonic Slot VIII (key “T”)

you seem to be in the wrong octave, because:

C-4 = Mute µTonic Slot I
C#4 = Mute µTonic Slot II
D-4 = Mute µTonic Slot III
D#4 = Mute µTonic Slot IV
E-4 = Mute µTonic Slot V
F-4 = Mute µTonic Slot VI
F#4 = Mute µTonic Slot VII
G-4 = Mute µTonic Slot VIII

Yep yep. Wrong octave. Working now.

Thx m8.

you’re welcome, glad i could help. :)