microtuned monobass with glide

Hey ppl

I have just made a nice little thing I’d like to share. It is a renoise monobass instrument with glide, that can be tuned microtonal! Yay! I know some ppl here are into microtuning, so it might be interesting for you.

It works by disabling the renoise tuning (constant pitch sample), and tuning the sample with pitch modulation via a key tracker, and a formula device in between with microtuning data! It does glide via the inertia formula device. It is different from the normal gxx glide commands, it will reach pitch in constant time and not with constant speed. It works in mono mode with gxx commands holding the note instead of retriggering. No polyphony, sorry.

My Example is a simple saw bass with some nifty persian tuning from a scala file spread over 2 octaves. Look into the instrument effects, copy/paste the code from the “TUNING” formula device if you would like to try making your own tunings. The device can be tuned with cent values from a base note, or with hz frequencies if you change a variable. There are functions to copy octaves, and gaps in the key map will be auto filled with the last set frequency down the keyboard.

If you wish to use another sample, replace the saw sample only. The gate sample is for disabling gate between notes, so only legato notes will glide, it can be turned on/off with the 2nd macro.

Discussion welcome, feel free to ask anything if you have problems using the thing for your own purposes. I’m not done yet, I’d wish to implement pitch bend that will glide through set frequencies in special ways, feel free to share your ideas on this, I’ll try to implement.

very cool! I experimented with the scala program and created my own scale some time ago. But I think it’s not that easy to find software/hardware to actually use the files (but there is a nice scala tool for renoise - just found it, have to check it out!)

Even if I still don’t understand every step you have done with your persian cat instrument, copying the formula code and change the frequencies manually and paste it back works!

miau! I think polyphony would be nice. I love crazy microtonal harmonies … sorry, but because it’s that sort of complexity, I don’t have any suggestions but I am wondering where this is going : )

Glad you like it. We’ll see where it will be going. I’ve just started looking into microtuning.

The Instrument can only be made monophonic this way, sorry. That’s the downside, the upside is you can glide/slide.

Maybe I should adopt the other scala tool and make a tool that will auto setup an instrument my way from scala files?