Middle Click In Pattern Editor

First off, extra huge massive props on the new release, so much fantastic new stuff. APPLAUSE + CHAMPAGNE

Now onto the nitpicking… (sorry!) :confused:

I constantly use middle click on the pattern editor to move around the pattern, so this new mute behavior has made block copy / paste type stuff a lot more cumbersome.


In Renoise 1.9

Select a block of pattern data with left mouse button
Middle click to reposition the cursor where you want to paste it

In Renoise 2.0

Select a block of pattern data with left mouse button
Single / Double click to move the cursor to where you want to paste it
Oops, block has been deselected
Select the block again

Maybe it’s just my particular workflow that has been encroached upon here, but I can’t help but think that having a single-click cursor movement function on the mouse which is completely independent from block selection (ie. not the left mouse button) is much more important than yet another shortcut for channel muting, which can be done in many different ways already (including keyboard shortcuts).

Anyone else agree here?

I can totally understand why not everything should be up for customisation in the preferences, you don’t want it to be a cluttered nightmare, but I think this middle click behavior really should be assignable to either:

  • mute current track
  • move cursor to pattern

(also, I noticed the precision of the cursor movement has been beefed up, nice. If only we could do that via middle click!)

Hmm, I really like the way it’s working now though.

Another method you can consider, beside getting used to copy before repositioning the cursor, is to drag a copy.

Select a block of pattern data with left mouse button
Hold CTRL and drag the block to destination