Middle click in scrollbars

Suggestion that i’d personally find very useful:

Adding unix/x11 style behaviour to scroll bars, ie. middle clicking anywhere in the scrollbar “snaps” it to that value, as if the user had dragged the MIDDLE of the scrollbar “thumb” to that position.

What do you guys think?


As middleclick is assigned to focussing areas
Where should that function be moved to then?

Personally i’d be quite OK with either focus or don’t focus the area when middle clicking on a scroll bar. To be really fancy, maybe even a setting for this in the prefs window? =)

/* EDIT */ On a related topic, how about alt+click (which i mostly use anyway, instead of middle click) focusing the area but NOT passing the click to it?

It could either only do it if the area is already focus, or the scroll bars (which are only very small parts of the panes really) could be excluded from this operation.

I guess that’s not a real problem, when one uses middle click to focus an area he/she mostly will click anywhere in that part, but scroll bar could be excluded probably with <.3% problematic clicks worldwide.