Midi Accent And Slide

What key command can I use to trigger an accent or slide event to my external midi device?
I did not find an answer in the wiki.


Accent or slide/tremolo events are no generic midi events that have default control codes.
They differ from gear to gear, if the midi-vendor even supports the option.

Usually such events are tied to CC commands which can be arbritrary connected. (CC commands that have a non-specific function) and you send those CC commands to your midi device with the parameter value that is required to trigger the event.
Slide/tremolo events usually are fixed to enable it or to disable it. In some cases you can influence the sliding time. but they have to be controlled using CC commands and your external MIDI device has to support attaching MIDI CC commands to those actions. (regarding MIDI).

most probably there is a configuration into your external MIDI device. slider and accent are commonly defined by velocity tresholds. if so, in Renoise you have to put a velocity value higher than the treshold in order to trigger the slide event.

a software example of this is MusicLab RealGuitar.

Yeah, forgot about that, also an extra reminder about the existance of aftertouch support which is usually also a way to trigger such events.

Thanks for the quick responses! I’m looking to control my x0xb0x http://www.ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x/

I’ve taken it up with them…thanks!