Midi Additions

Just a few ideas concerning the MIDI features of Renoise.

  • SysExe
    Although you can do a lot with just plain controller data, some synthesizers depend heavily on SysExe. It would be nice to have an editor in which you can make several SysExe strings and use them in your sequences by using specific ‘Pattern Effect Commands’.

  • Sync
    In the current situation the MIDI clock can only be sent to one MIDI port. Can this be changed to something like ‘sync all selected ports’? If you use multiple MIDI devices that need MMC or Midi Clock you are forced to look at something else than Renoise or make really drastic, unwanted and unnecessary changes in your setup.

Sysex for controlling NRPN parameters and multi sync out!

These are great idea!

A support of MIDI VST could be great too…

a BIG +1 for more sync options

a BIG +1 for more SysExe

+1 for SysEx. some serious synth hacking opportunities there.

I think it’s more important to implement the recording and drawing of pitchbend and modulationwheel movement.

In automation you mean…
With modulation you can do this using the MIDI CC device (i believe modulation wheel has a CC number).
Pitchbend can currently only be recorded as pattern effect command

Yeah and that sucks :D but I’ll live.

Which means you keep suffering from it I guess.