Midi-Assignable Track Dsp Enable/Disable Button

Can we please have the Enable/Disable button on the individual Track DSPs MIDI-assignable? Currently, only the selected DSP’s button can be toggled off and on.

I have an Akai LPD8 which works great for controlling DSP parameters; only thing missing for me is the ability to toggle individual DSPs off/on with the pads.

+1 for midi assignable track dsp button:)

I would seriously love to see this. 5 star thread. :)

Although this could get highly confusing, it is rather interestingly strange.

It is possible to setup a send device with a dsp device on a send channel you point the send device to.

From there you need another send channel that is clean (or with even another dsp device if you wish)

Then set your midi controller button/fader/knob to the send device’s ‘receiver’ on the midi mapping panel.

Set the max to the end send channel, or it could or will go off into non-existent send channels.

Hydra-Device cross-fading between send tracks ftw.
Though this is always welcome. :)

This is simply amazing.

Man I can not believe I never had the slightest thought of doing this! Wow.


Lfo in track 1 is in place of midi controller. :)