Midi bank selecting

Great that it is possible to select the bank for midi-instruments, but euhm…

I’ve got a Roland JV1010 and almost every banknumber begins somewhere in the 10000. It costs a lot of time to scroll to this value in the bankselector :) … actually I never tried it because I guess it would cost me several days to reach that value :) And I’m not sure if the value 10000 will fit in the bankfield either way…

It would be really nice if its possible to manually edit this setting, just like its done in other programs (cakewalk).

? works for me but I´m not using a jv 1010, but in the midi implementation chart in the manual of every synth you´ll find the CC and bankselect for certain sounds…just save the settings made in rns to a presetsong and reload it, so you won´t have to reset all the things.

Hmm…sounds interesting. Could you explain it how you do it in renoise?

For example: in cakewalk I select banknumber 10752 for the Sessionboard, and then choose a patchnumber 1…128.

I’ll explain. It won’t really fix what you asked for, but you’ll only have to do it once.
(and I agree that entering values from the keyboard would be a good improvement to the gui)

  1. Start out with a fresh song

  2. set up all the instruments you use most (which involves holding that bank select button a loooong time…)

  3. Save the song as DefaultSong.rns (if I remember the correct name) in the renoise directory.

This song will be loaded when you start renoise or press “Zap all”
Tip: drag the bankselect box with the right mouse button, this is faster.

I got the same problem. I have 6 different synths with 6 different bank locations. To have a default-song isn’t realy an option here.
Another thing that would be very usefull is a preset-editor, it is alittle bit hard to explain but an editor where you can choose from the synth-banks direktly from renoise where you can put all the synth-sounds (like cakewalk-instrument-definitions, or cubade midi-devices)…

Jep that works well… Martinal already said this in his post a month ago :rolleyes:

…and fortunately in Renoise 1.2 the bankselecting works now correct (14 bit). I could select every bank from my jv1010. B)