Midi Binds

I got one midi controller which I tend to use a lot, unfortunately it’s got only 8 encoders and I can’t afford something like a BCR2000 just yet.
So here’s the deal for the drum tracks I want to ‘standardize’:
If I make a tool with midi binds “Ctrl #1” through “Ctrl #6”, script-bound to the input value of the current track’s #1-#6 Hydra, will they react just a little bit slower than directly bound via midi learn or a lot slower??
I’m just trying to make the scripting as efficient as possible.

Try it out i should say. For as far as i experienced using a BCF2000 using Duplex, signals are being processed with a little delay regarding the faders, but that might also be a bit false impression due to the logarithmic conversion that has to be done regarding the specific fader position… The rotary controllers seem to give a pretty fast response. Ofcourse i guess the more controller signals that have to be processed simultaneously, the slower it will go, but you can’t control more than what both hands can handle.

I’ve gone with the first option (just have the script make midi binds called abcdefgh which stay bound) since I like practical scripting (which is what makes Renoise+Lua so great) but hate ugly hacks :P. Major thanks to all people active on this forum, I’ve coded 1500 lines of controller in one day and then 1500 more in the week after that… I’ll post a vid soon because renoise has just became even more fun for me :D