Midi-Cc Device Problem


today i’ve continued on one of my bigger songs, lots of vocal layers and blabla.
ofcourse using kontakt4. but now i have a problem, kontakt is able assigning midi-cc
to any knob. i am using kontakt4 as multitimbral instrument. it seems that the
midi-cc device isn’t working with midi channels other than 01.
it isn’t working with midi channel 05, i see in kontakt that it has been triggered
but the actual effect within kontakt isn’t responding. :(

is this a bug or am i just plain stupid and have overseen something?

"The MIDI channel cannot be configured in this device; it always uses the instrument’s channel setting. "

Means you have to toggle the specific channel here:

That might also mean that you need to create an Alias instance of the plugin to resolve this if you only want it to affect a certain preset.

ye ok… so i have to use another midi-cc device. didn’t know renoise wouldn’t get it done with one device and multitimbrals :)

I can understand in some cases it would be easier to change parameters on specific channels and change the channel through the pattern effect column or automation frame if the midi control device would support it. So the current way remains a bit of a hack, but frankly the Midi Control device is already a hack on itself. I also suspect if channels would be supported on the Midi Control device that delay issues would wander around the corner if you want to have parameters affected too quickly right after a channel change.

I hope on some improvements on the XRNI area to superseed the midi control device in certain ways. But that we shall have to wait for what is being dealt with and how.