Midi Cc Device - Value Send After Preset Change

Hello taktik,

please it is possible to change this behavior. It is very bothersome.
When you working with a external midi synth and you like automate a parameter and open a midi CC device plugin and after them change it to a preset for this synth, the midi CC plugin sends all default parameter to the synth and the edited sound is gone.
The same please for moving the plugin in the mixer. Its send all parameter after moving to another track.
Better will be to send only the used parameter after moving, like all midi hardware controller. A button with send all parameter will be also ok, but please not send after loading the preset.



I remember that I’ve added this behavior (as its now) in some old beta (1.5 or 1.8) on request. I dont really care to change this again or not. Lets simply agree on something…

i mean only the send message to midi out, on loading the Midi CC device and if i change the preset form “init” to “my synth”.
And it can follow automation data, but only when its automated (green mark next to it), not sending every parameter on loading.
This Midi CC device is not the manager for my synth sounds, its only to automate many parameters.

Every time i load the plugin it overwrites my synth sound. How should i use it?

What we would need to completely solve this, is a way to “activate” only specific sliders.
Lets say you only use 2 sliders of the MIDI CC Device to control your synth, then these two sliders should always resent their values on preset changes. All the others should do nothing on preset switches or when added/moved.

I could for now set all MIDI CCs to some magic default invalid (-1) CC value. Those wont be send. As soon as you choose a proper CC, it then behaves as it is now… Feels a bit like a hack, not a feature, or?

Also this has the disatvantage that we no longer have the standard CCs (Volume / Mod, Pan) set by default, but could maybe add a preset for this?

Ok thats a quick solution. A hack, no, more a valuebreak. That’s ok.

I use mostly all sliders with the important features of the synth. When all sliders send i.e. a 0, i hear nothing.

thanks for help.