Midi CC for 'Reverse' toggle

I would like a keyboard/midi toggle function such that when held every sample will be triggered like with 0B00.

Love that native feature, but Would any other samplers actually support that command? If they did surely you could just map an arbitrary CC number to the function…

Only newly triggered samples only? So any already playing samples would continue in the forwards direction? Not sure how you’d achieve this… Have thought about trying to do similar and live reversing on a single track before. Never across all samples triggered in the song though! Can’t remember how far I got with it now either… Don’t think it was that far though ;)

reversal ideas:
-use the sample command for reverse sample
-zone normal samples on white keys and reverses on black
-use zone velocity to trigger the reverse
-put instrument loop mode as “backward” and use exit mode to trigger reverse on key release.
-ndc plugs “Reversinator”

it would open up some crazy possibilities if we could run the sequencer backwards. negative tempo? . egh.

I’m sorry for the unclarity - I meant newly triggered samples, triggered from pc/keyboard live, not the ones already in the pattern.
I know I can use 0B00 when composing BDL ;) - I want to use 0B00 live when playing stuff, in some way, without having to duplicate instrument.