Midi Cc Plugin Still Sending Cc Values After Loading Ii

Hello Taktik,

i guess we both mean not the same, if we taking about loading the midi CC plugin and sending all controller values, that in a preset of the CC plugin are.
That is the problem:

I open a midi CC plugin in a track, open the preset for i.e. midi “synth A” in the Midi CC plugin (with all important controllers of this synth) and set the “linked instrument” to synth A. Now is the sound of synth A destroyed, because the midi CC plugin sends all assigned controller to the Synth A.

I thought in the past you will change that, that the controller will then first sended, if you automate it.
If you don’t change that now before the final release comming out, the presets feature are sensless in the cc plugin.
I know that its maybe not possible in hurry, but it will be nice.



I understood you, and said that I can not do this for this release.

If you want to use the presets as templates for the CC numbers only, and not as parameter presets (thats what you want to do, right?), then set all CCs to off and add the CC numbers into the names of the parameters - so that it acts like a sticky. As soon as you really want to use that CC, enter it then into the CC number box. Thats not really comfortable, I know, but all I can offer you.

Also all songs made with the MIDI CC device assume the current behaviour, so we can not simply change this. We have to add an option for this.

I think the “Off” should not be in the CC-Number Field but in the CC-Value Field:

So why not add an “Off” to the value-field (the field right next to the value-sliders) and when selected, the slider turns grey. (Maybe deactivate with right clicking on the value)
This “value”-off can just act like the current “cc”-off, in both cases we do not want to send any cc-value. So there is not to change any behaviour, is there?
The number-off is so maybe totally obsolete. When selected the value-off the whole row could be disabled. ( =turn grey)

In this way, Name and CC-Nr are always visible and have an option to disable sending cc-values = deactivate the cc-nr: So nice presets can be stored.
When loading a preset, the values of all CC-numbers should be deactivated (=Off) so that the current synth-preset can not be destroyed. But the greyed sliders should stay adjustable, so that the user can adjust the slider to the correct value of the current synth patch without sending any value. After that, he activates the CC-nr. So nothing will be destroyed.