Midi CC reset

Just like with automation in general, Instr. MIDI control panel remembers every set position even if I change the lane to other CC parameter (which should automatically delete whatever value has been set and bring the slider to “0”).

This leads to some crazy scenarios when for example the instrument behaves weirdly because the value has been changed on a slider and not manually moved back to its default value. The dangerous thing about this is that this last remembered position hangs in the air and constantly modifies the parameter even though it becomes untraceable once a different option has been chosen from the menu. For simple instruments it’s just remove, add again, or save preset, delete, add again, but in more complex scenarios this can be a real pain in the ass.

How do you deal with it? (except never doing it obviously :wink: )

PS. I apologize if this issue has been solved in version 3, I’m on 2.8.1.

That’s true… The value should be reset to 0 on target change. And switch back it should show the last value… Shouldn’t it?

I’m not sure what issue are you having here, maybe you have the value automated and then decide to change the target? that’s a feature not bug then :stuck_out_tongue: (just right click the automation square and select delete all automation in song)

Jurek yes, or alternative scenario is that what is not enabled should be shut down instantly when other type of midi/controller is set in the same line. Both would be great.

Gova sorry, I always overcomplicate explanations. Have a go yourself:

  1. load an instrument

  2. track dsp

  3. instr. MIDI control

  4. set CC, controller number to 7

  5. set the value to something low

  6. deselect CC by selecting PB for example

Now when you play a sound, the volume remains low even though you deactivated it a moment before. Coming back to that place and choosing CC& again, it turns out the slider is at 0 (not set) even though you hear from speakers that it is set all the time (it’s playing low like you set it before).

This is totally invisible and only changing the slider again overrides the value.

I think I understood your problem, but the problem is that renoise only outputs the value via midi, there’s no feedback to renoise from the plugin/reciever on what CC results in the 0 value, so no way to reset the value to what it was via midi CC as the variable inside the plugin/receiver is changed and remains changed.

For plugins, of course you simply shouldn’t be using the midi but the inst. automation device instead (it is also not limited to only 7bit)

I don’t know how many (if) plugins support this kind of feedback (sounds more like a daw>controller with LED’s/screenskind of manipulation), stuff through rewire does I think.

Sorry, I didn’t understand you then!

Probably the majority of CC uses is for Kontakt, Play and the like so maybe checking out what is the default standard for each CC of the most popular sample libraries (if that even varies, I have no clue unfortunately) and when user “gets rid” of that parameter in any way (by replacing with different CC or one of other 3 options and also by closing the instr. MIDI insert) then sending one last signal change to that value would be a nice solution.

I don’t think any daw does that…

I think it’s MIDI that’s failing you here, not renoise.

If you tell an instrument to set its CC 7 to 1, and then get rid of the automation… CC 7 is still at 1. There’s no way for Renoise to know what the default value should have been.

What might work for you is sending a Reset All Controllers message: CC 121 w/ a value of 0.

Also, you should be using the instrument automation instead anyway (it will show you the value of the parameter your automating in the renoise’s automation meta device and it wont be limited to 7 bit). I don’t use kontakt, so I just quickly checked the manual and saw this:

“Assigning a source to a parameter works the
same way in both lists; just select a source from the list and drag it onto a knob whose
parameter you want to automate.”

go into the auto tab, select host automation, do the above.

p.s. reset all controllers did not work for me in kontakt player

Kontakt instruments are automated through CC and some of them have extensive list of which CCs are used for what. Setting up knobs on the interface (which means 1 or 2 parameters at most in most cases) would only automate the knob that’s sending CC information, it would not increase resolution (but just act as mediator) and commands would now be split between two devices which would make things more disorganized. Unless we’re talking about basic commands like volume automation in which case it’s true - it’s the same thing whether it’s set through CC7 or Renoise volume controls, just in a different resolution.

Good idea with midi reset, I’ll try it today :slight_smile: