Midi Ccdevice Presets

So i’m taking the time to make a midi-cc device preset for the Korg R3 factory settings, as i’m planning on doing for every MIDI gear i use.

Would the Renoise devs be interested in these presets? I think it’d be pretty rad for new guys to discover the device already carrying presets for their gear.
If so, it’d be nice if everyone on here that uses midi gear would take the time to make presets for theirs

I concur! I would also at least like to suggest to be able to save mapped MIDI parameters within the device chain. (in my case - for my Kontrol 49 to control things like Dblue’s glitch and filters etc). I see cutting & pasting device chains keeps the mappings, but import & export doesn’t. I would assume any previously mapped MIDI parameters would be overwritten on import if it was implemented.