MIDI CCs not sent if the same value is sent previously?


I am trying to sequence external hardware with Renoise, “Instrument MIDI Control” device. The problem I am encountering if Renoise has already sent some value, it refuses to send again (confirmed with MIDI Monitor.app). This taints my workflow.

A specific example:

  1. At start of pattern, I send some MIDI message with the fx lane, for example I mute Octatrack track 1 (I could set some filter parameter on a synth instead, for example)

  2. Tinker with the OT for some minutes, mute/unmute tracks, etc…

  3. Go back to Renoise, start pattern. I’d expect OT track 1 to get back to a muted state. It does not, however.

I realize that this is Renoise trying to be clever and maybe be super-efficient with MIDI bandwith and all, but I really don’t need that cleverness. Is there a way to make it just send what is specified regardless of history?

Thank You!

You’re right that the MIDI-control device only fires when values change.

But to always trigger, you can specify it as a pattern command


Thank You! Actually, I’ve tried that earlier, but it seemed to me that I can only specify one such command per row per track. (I put M0 to panning, and multiple cc number/value in the effect columns, but only the leftmost one seemed to activate) Is this true. or is there a workaround? Besides creating more tracks of course which seems impractical…

Is this true


is there a workaround?

You could create phrases specifically for this purpose (they can contain MIDI FX too) and map those phrases to keys.
So, for example you could have C-0 mute track 1, C#1 mute track 2 and so forth.

Hmm, nice idea! I will experiment with that, although seems to be somewhat complicated.

For now as a quick workaround: if I reload current project from the file menu, midi is resent.

Thanks for the advice.