Midi Chasing?

I was wondering if anybody knew of any way to have Renoise chase midi messages?

If you aren’t familiar with this term, it means to have the sequencer reset the value of a midi (or other) automation curve to the last or next value that is listed in the automation curves.

This becomes a problem when say you have a filter sweep that goes from low to high in one pattern. After you complete playing that pattern the filter will be left high. When you stop the sequencer and start it before the place in the song where the filter was opened, the filter is in the wrong position.

The only way I could figure out around this is by putting the initial value at the end of each pattern… tho this isn’t very practical and doesn’t solve the problem of switching in the middle of a pattern.

Just wondering if anybody had any ideas on this. It’d be great to see this type of thing added in future versions. Give me a keyboard and a knob box with rotary encoders n’ LEDs and I’ve got the rest of my day planned :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry, we currently don’t have this. But it is an issue we’re planning to
resolve together with the changes in patternstructure in a later version.

Cool, cool.

Good to know you guys are on top of things.

The big question though is: do you have a Renoise brand Midiknob box in the works as well?

It’d be sweet if you did, tho I’m sure hardware’s one of the last things you’ve got on the list to implement currently.


You can use any standard MIDI controller with Renoise, to control any DSP slider. Look up the RemoteMapper.

Yeah, but I was thinking more of a dedicated renoise box. One that has rotary encoders which can output relative controller change messages, has buttons for specific renoise tasks like copy pattern, etc etc. Maybe even have the option of having a normal keyboard built into it for those that don’t want two input devices.

As far as the midi/automation chasing stuff that I was talking about before, I’m not sure if this is realistic to do considering considering how specific it is, but I wanted to describe something that I’ve used in cubase which is particularly nice:

If you have a knob box which has the ability to recieve midi controller messages and assign that value to it’s knobs (like the Nord Lead 3 or anything else that uses rotary encoders but outputs absolute controller messages), for certain devices you can set it up so that whenever you select that device, Cubase sends out the current value of that device’s parameters to your knob box. For example I had it mapped so that when I selected a channel in the VST mixer, cubase would send out all of the values of the 4 EQs on that channel to my NL3. The NL3’s lights move to the correct position and then you’re good to go with jump-free knob tweaking.

One of the things I found the least flexible with this however was the tedious setup involved. For renoise, I was thinking what might be a slightly more simple, yet effective approach, would be to just add something so that once you open the remote mapper, turn the knob on your box, and assign it to the DSP slider, when you close the remote mapper dialog block, have renoise “sync” the knob box by outputting whichever controllers were just set. You could also have presets like you do with many other things in the remote mapper dialog box, so that you could set up several knob profiles to switch between for different tasks.

Similarly, it would be nice if whenever you changed song position renoise output the currently assigned knobs’ value to the knob box as well.

I think this would make mapping out a knob box significantly easier without changing all the parameters you currently have set and without having to turn the knob to the right place untill a light blinked or something else commonly implemented.

Just a couple ideas,