Midi Clock And Song Position

so here is what i would like to do and hopefully my fellow renoiser’s can help.

we are sending a midi clock to renoise(renoise is being slaved by a roland rc-50 loop station). now anytime we hit stop and then start again(via the roland device), the renoise song will always start at the top of the song file…what we would like to know is how to get it so when we hit stop on the roland device,and then hit start, the renoise song file will start at the position in the song in which it was stopped…ultimately we need it to start at the top of whatever block in the song position it was stopped at…as opposed to starting in the middle of the block.

any input is much appreciated. after years of using renoise for basic song compostion i am happy that it is as well an amazing tool for live applications via midi guitar/midi drums.


It sounds like the Roland device is giving just the first song position pointer when you start from an arbitrary position.

If you can program your Roland device to play pieces in different blocks or sequences, then your device should give different song position pointers.
If you stuff everything into one block/sequence, then most likely the start of the song position is submitted to Renoise.
For Renoise the start of the first position is the start of the song.