MIDI Clock Issue


So I’ve hooked up the Make Noise 0-coast to Renoise using MIDI and I’ve set the 0-coast to recieve both notes and clock. And while sending notes from Renoise works fine, if I enable sending clock in Renoise the 0-coast goes dead silent and the CV indicator starts to blink like it’s recieving a crazy amount of data. The clock on the 0-coast blinks perfectly in synch with Renoise though, and sending start/stop seems to work as well I just can’t get it to send notes at all while having clock enabled, the best way to describe it is like it’s sending a feedback of silence whenever I enable sending clock in Renoise. I’ve tried using Renoise with other devices and sending both notes and clock at the same time has worked fine. Does anyone know why this is and how to solve it? I’m using Renoise 2.8.