Midi Clock

Can you add one or two more clock destination ports? I would like to avoid daisy-chaining gear as much as possible. Any suggestions for workarounds? Besides external merging?

Maybe an option to select all ports?

For a workaround you can use combination of MIDI Yoke and MidiTrix. Put ‘MIDI Yoke’ device in Renoise ‘Midi Clock Master’ ‘Out Device’. And in MidiTrix matrix distribute MIDI clock signal from that MIDI Yoke device to other MIDI ports.

I would not call this a “workaround”: this is simply how it should be done in every application

How it should be done? I’ve been thinking that I’d need midi clock on several ports when I get all my gear upp and running, as my Gameboy etc only have MIDI-in, no through or out. I thought as the MIDI noob I still am, that it was a bit lame that I could only send clock to one port. But now I know how it’s done, thanks.

I am running a Mac, and those utilities aren’t multi-platform. I don’t want to have it going through a second midi server. I could easily have coremidi in osx handle it but that will fool with other apps. An ‘All’ option in the midi clock destination dialog would be just great.