Midi Confusion (need Help With Live Performance)

I am very new to Renoise and fairly new to playing electronic music at all. I am currently using an Oxygen8 v2. midi controller through Renoise and I have also bought a dmg gameboy pro audio mod with lsdj. Now I know that I have to make a midi interface to link up my gameboy to my computer. I am now going to explain what my intentions are for live performance and see if you guys have any suggestions on how to make it work because I’m not sure.

I want to sync up my gameboy with renoise as a master so that when I play a track on Renoise it syncs up with the track on the gameboy. I also want to keep my midi controller in so that my wife can play some vst synths through Renoise in a live setting while I sing and play bass guitar. I want to freeze my Renoise track so that I can play the vst synths over it without recording anything new. But I also don’t want to affect what is happening with the gameboy plus I want Renoise and Gameboy to sync properly. Is there anyway to do this through Renoise or a piece of hardware? The only other option I can think of is to load Renoise on my wife’s laptop, give her all the vst’s, and let her play them without recorded songs (just instrument and effects settings) and than sync the gameboy to Renoise (if that’s possible) or render my songs from Renoise and open them in Ableton Live lite and sync the gameboy and ableton.

I really appreciate any help and input anybody gives. I will gladly admit I am a n00b and will be thankful for any ideas you guys might have.

Well, you can synchronize Renoise through MIDI as long as your external devices support SPP. If you set Renoise as slave , you not only need to set the slave MIDI device in the MIDI preferences…

The offset can be used to overcome the timing difference between your masster MIDI device and Renoise. The smoothing option is to ignore fast fluctuating BPM timing messages. Renoise could go beserk if the device for some reason is constantly attempting to fix the BPM rate so Renoise would not follow that instantly.

You also need to enable the midi-slave clock in the player control panel so that Renoise responds to the song position pointer messages.