MIDI control for GUI sliders

Hi people,

I love to use the assignable knobs on my Evolution keyboard to control software synthesizers. Easier and faster than playing around with the mouse, I’m sure you’ll agree. So now that I’ve gotten into RNS (praise that day), I’m obviously kinda missing that feature.

Perhaps it could be implemented like this:

Have a list of MIDI CC number -> slider name mappings. Monitor MIDI in stream, and when a listed CC is received, change the slider value accordingly (needs to be scaled). Then filter the CC from the stream before the stream is used for anything else.

Have a panel in the properties window where the mappings can be examined and changed. Adding mappings could work like this: when you see a slider you want to control via MIDI, CTRL-leftclick it to add it to the list and bring up the said panel where you select the CC. A slider with a mapping could have the CC number displayed on it as a memory aid.

This being my first post, let me just add that Renoise is way cool ;). I used to be an ST/IT guy, but Renoise pulled me into the FTII paradigm for good. Thanks, TakTik and others!

I agree with you on the need to be able to change GUI sliders via MIDI CC to the following: the GUI sliders of MidiCCDevice, the upcoming MIDICCFXDevice and all such planned devices, in addition to the native GUI sliders of Renoise. It makes it great for Live work.

I would like to set up the remotemappings like Live or Reason do it. It’s a way more comfortable than editing them in a list …