Midi Control

Hello I came across this thingie:

Kind of steinberg’s ‘houston’ midi controller.
I can get some of these, but how usefull is it with Renoise.
And how much will it be in the future?

I think the pauze, rewind and the big scrub knob for example are useless now.
Correct me if I’m wrong…

it depends on the way you work and on your workflow. If you like to control everything with knobs and sliders instead of using renoisecurve facilities itworth trying. But I`d say in most cases you will probably end in reediting the controller curves manually again. You may also try it for controlling everything which is remotable in renoise, but I didn´t do that yet, because I use renoise rather as a sequencer instead of a live instrument.

IMHO all such MIDI hardware thingies are far overpriced :angry: