Midi controler - my first tracks


I made a hardware midi controller and now today I send my first midi message to Renoise.
the site mid controller shows photos of the device.

Why don’t start a hardware forum?

see you later and have a nice renoise.

That’s cool stuff. I like it.

The hardware of mixtable is all ready and now I program. But I don’t know the xml format of midi-mapping (command and value). where do I find this doc?

ON/OFF mute off channel 01 -> ‘B0 - 10 - 01’; channel 02 -> ‘B1 - 10 - 01’;
ON/OFF Solo off channel 01 -> ‘B0 - 10 - 02’; channel 02 -> ‘B1 - 10 - 02’;

I like to assign a rot knobe to meta device ( auto link via all dsp effect)

My midi mix table

thank a lot

You can map many parameters in Renoise just by hitting CTRL+M, this will bring up the MIDI mapping dialog and highlight the parameters. The MIDI mapping dialog will accept note and CC messages, which you could use for mapping the track solo and mute (within the mixer).

Also, via the MIDI map “tree” (click "available and active mappings), you can assign controls to even more parts of the interface, as well as third-party tools that are MIDI assignable.
In your case, perhaps you would be especially interested in the “Mixer Subset”, which will allow you to control which parameters are assignable by making them visible in the mixer view? Simple automatic mappings…

When you are happy about the assignments, you can save (export) your mappings and load (import) them into another song. You can also assign MIDI mappings to specific parameters in a DSP chain, and save this DSP (rightclick the DSP chain, and choose “Save As”). This will also include the mappings as part of the DSP chain, ready for re-use across your projects.

great stuff! :)
what is the 7x5 matrix for?

hello, the 7*5 matrix is used to display the midi router (mux). If you like you can used all externals midi instruments when the computer is switch off. The matrix is all ready same the computer is off.
coming soon, I write a data sheet of this midi router and the midi mixer. But I before finished to program. All documents should free and if you like you can made this router or mixer.

I hope to made a external sequencer synchronized by Renoise. it’s one idea for live-show. he should be possible to send a midi message from Renoise to a mix-table and the mix table play a micro-sequence (loop) with external sound rack . And more … wait and see

I like programed and I hope to make a compiler to created a xml file midi-mapping. Do you have a documentation with all entry of xml midi mapping file.

Thank a lot


Today, I wrote a new software and Modified hardware. Now I can Used 16 midi canals and cc (rot know). I hope to finish the hardware in this month.
To do : next 8 knobs (right on photo) - wood inclosure box - inteface midi box

To be continue

more photos

Did you start making this from scratch??

Hey Cas,

Yes, I Do :rolleyes:/>. I started one year ago. When I’m going to resolve all problem I post all information to DIY. :panic:/>