Midi Controller And Parameter Feedback


i got a new midi controller (behringer 2000 bcr) and want to controll track-dsp sliders. i used the MidiRemoteMapper to assign the controller-knobs to the track-dsp-sliders and everything works fine: if i turn a knob, the slider in renoise moves and i can record the dsp-slider into an automation-envelope…
BUT now i wonder, if renoise supports the parameter feedback from automation-envelopes through midi, so that the LEDs at the controller are showing the actual parameters (like “inverse” MidiMapping…)? the manual of my midi-controller claims:

thank you for your help and answers :rolleyes:

in order for that to work renoise would have to transmit every one of those parameters in realtime, which it currently does not support.

I know what you mean.
I’ve made a simple test: i put a MidiCCDevice on a track and assigned a CC slider to the corresponding knob on the midi controller via the MidiRemoteMapper. Now if i turn the knob, the slider is moved and the knob is set with a small delay. Turning the knob faster doesn’t work very well, because of the delay (as you mentioned). And as another test, i assigned a controler knob to the volume slider and recorded an automation envelope (with fast knob changes). Next i copied the automation envelope to the corresponding MidiCCDevice and played the track: works great…

I think it would be a simple solution for bi-directional Midimapping to disable the renoise output (slider to midi cc) during recording. Or in other means: if a MidiCC is assigned to a slider, the MidiCC is recorded to an envelope (not the slider). Thats it. Very Simple.
In my opinion this enhanced MidiRemoteMapping is a must have feature!

i totally agree with you!
i have a bcf2000,
it would be so nice to also support transport commands like the start,pause,stop,rew,ffwd.
that way we could assign all them to the buttons.
also, if renoise did send the info in realtime the faders on the bcf2000 would move.

what has been creating a big question mark in my mind is that when you assign the transport commands to those buttons on the bcf, for some reason it seems in osx that they are being interpreted as a pitch wheel commands. i havent figured out why yet, but it was working fine on xp with soundforge. i just found a midi message veiwer for osx so i think i will do some examination.
wondering if you may have seen that at all?

I just found out, that realtime transmission of parameters is NOT necessary.
Try the following: set the MIDI Data Type of a knob to “CC” and the controller mode to “relative 1”. then in renoise select a blank instrument and in instrument settings/midi properties set the midi device to your b-control and the delay to -50ms. after that put a MidiCCDevice on a track and assign it to the midi-instrument. Map a slider of the MidiCCDevice to the knob on your b-control and set the CC No of the mapped slider to the correct value of the knob.
now you can set the slider via the control-knob and set the leds of the controller via the slider… (only possible with the “relative” -types…).
doesn’t make sense at all, because you only can control the MidiCCDevice-slider and no other track-fx or so, but controlling with feedback IS possible this way…

thats a really nice find NoMad. i had renoise spitting feedback in no time.
t worked really quick with the bcf’s faders but i had a bit of trouble with the knobs. (i havent programmed the knobs yet at all the whole time ive had this thing)
only thing is i’m kinda confused at how it can be used productively. ya know like defining some type of working system to use.
i wonder if it would be possible to have an instrument with 8 or so midi instruments in it that would be used to control the knobs and faders.
thanks again for bringing that information. B)

after looking at some of the pdfs i think it might be possible to make a BC template we could use like for instance a rns file that has everything setup and a template for the bcf & bcr’s. i guess since i dont have a bcr yet i would make the bcf one if you would want to make the bcr ver. -just an idea

like if there was a way to have the tracks pre set up with instruments that would control volume/ send the feedback.

just ordered a bcf today.
i hope it will be here till at least… hmmmm… tuesday.
nice to know that there is a possibility to make the faders/knob led’s respond to renoise.
i just cant wait to play with it. :)