Midi Controller Knobs Controlling An Effect Param.

I messed around with this but I’m obviously doing something wrong. :blink:

I want to set knobs on my midi controller to control the cutoff and resonance of a filter in an effect chain.

How do I set this up?

Here is, how i’m doing this.

  1. Expand the VST window in Renoise without opening the GUI. This is a small button between the checkmark and “open editor” button, which has an arrow on it, which points down.

  2. Click on the “midi-map” button at the top right of Renoise.

  3. Click on the parameter, which you want to control, move the knob you want to assign and close the “MidiRemoteMapper” window. You can also assign multiple knobs in this step, just leave the remote mapper window open until you have assigned all.

Here is a screenshot: