Midi Controller

Hi, i want to know your experience with midi controllers and Renoise. Wich controllers are most comfortable to control Renoise, or there is no difference overall? And finally wich controller do you recommend to buy, Renoise users? :)

Novation Remote SL 25-key (Watch out for the stupid embedded Quicktime clip on this page, bleh…)

I have one of these and it f@*king rocks!


Thanks for reply, i considered this thing and also these:



And one more question: controllers with NO keyboard has more, enhanced knobs and sliders functions than controllers WITH keyboard, or keyboard is the only difference?

Obviously I can’t speak about the other hardware you posted because I’ve never used it, but Novation also makes a version of the Remote SL with no keyboard:

Remote SL Zero

As far as I know, the main functionality is identical to the version with the keyboard, but you obviously do not get the X/Y pad which is very fun to play with. Apart from that it’s the same. You have sliders, knobs, drum trigger pads, tons of buttons, etc. Everything can be assigned to anything you want - any type of MIDI message, different types of button behaviour, etc. It’s insanely flexible and feels very nice to use. The interface is very simple to use, it’s very easy to change a control to something else, etc.

I guess it really just depends on what you need to do.


a little old but still rocks!

just got

does everything well. i scored it for $400, but it’s worth retail.

I have the small Oxygen 8 from M-audio midi-controller series.

Honstly I only use the keyboard, but could use more than two octaves.
I thought before I bought it, that i’m only gonna use it for bass and leads, but… :(

Anyway it’s great for travelling, and it’s nice for playing bass and leads :lol:

same one, no idea what those buttons do.

Thanks for answers.
And what do u think about this?

And this.

i had that one. did’nt like it. hate the plastic feeling of it. the knobs felt loose and fragile
by all means it worked, and i used it for a few tracks, but sold it after a while

i recomend this one:

i have to ask you. the display on top of the knobs… totally programmable or what?
alltho, i dont like the round sides of novation hardware :P thats why i sold my k-station and have removed the sides from my nova desktop

I have the UC-33’s little sister UC-16, which I’m very happy with. Doesn’t feel plastic fantastic has great knobs and is very responsive. Also have M-audio Radium 49 which has served me well with good knobs and faders a few years. My Novation Remote 25 LE has good keys, but too hard knobs and I haven’t gotten the XY-pad to work with Renoise. Then again, I haven’t used that controller in quite a while, bought the thing for a specific project, hasn’t needed it in a while. Will test more extensively veeery soon. :)

I’m also getting M-Audio MidAir 37 in a week or so. Reeeeeally looking forward to work with that one! :D

All in all, it depends on what you want to do with your gear. If you just want knobs and faders, go to your local dealer and get a feel of the gear hands on, then decide.

This seems like a good thread to drop the folowing dribble;

I want to buy a midi-controller-keyboard to use as a master keyboard, I already own a bcr2000 which I love …so I have the knobs covered :) I just need the keys, preferably velocity sensitive and of a better quality then those plastic oxygen8 keys.

Do you guys know some good velocity sensitive midi-keyboards that work well with Renoise?

At the moment I’m using a Roland Alpha Juno 1 as a masterkeyboard (I don’t even have its outs connected to the mixer) which I want to sell. This’ll prolly grant me around 200-300 euro’s to spend on a midi-keyboard.