Midi Controllers?

I want to use my Yamaha Motif ES-6 synth to track songs with Renoise. However, I’m having problems getting the MIDI bank switch (needed to switch to different MIDI instrument banks) to work.

First of all, the bank setting (in instrument settings > MIDI properties) doesn’t do anything. For my synth, it has to change the LSB (the MSB is mostly okay). Then I tried to change the bank with a MIDI controller (enter 90 in the panning block and change controllers 0 and 32 to the correct values). That also didn’t work. Now I’m a bit clueless on how to change MIDI banks. It’d be great to use a tracker for my MIDI stuff again, in stead of Sonar, but I need to be able to change instruments first :)

Renoise has a specific panning column command for program changes, which is 92. Have you tried it?

Yeah, I did… problem is that controller only changes the MIDI instrument number, not the bank… my bank settings won’t change as of yet.

To answer my own question (for future reference and to help other people with a similar problem), here’s how I got the midi banks working properly:

  • Check your synth’s manual for the proper MSB and LSB values
  • Multiply the MSB value * 128
  • Add the LSB value to the outcome
  • Enter the data in the bank field in Renoise

For instance, to get the XDance preset from bank 5, I would see that the MSB value is 63, and the LSB value is 5. In that case, the Renoise bank value is:

63 * 128 + 5 = 8069

Easy as that, but took me a long time to find some clue on the forums. Hopefully this helps somebody :)