Midi Delay On The Same Note


Currently I have renoise setup as a sequencer to my hardware sampler, but if I try telling renoise to trigger the same note many times in a cascade, it always seems to cut off the previous note. This is whether I do it in the same track or not.

The effect I’m trying to achieve is the “midi delay” effect on the RM1X (if anyone is familiar with that sequencer). Basically it just retriggers the note at a set interval for a set amount of time and does not cut off the previous note. Any way to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It sounds more like the root of the problem should be solved in your hardware sampler than in Renoise.

Renoise cannot apply tricks like NNA through midi channels, these can only be applied upon internal samples you attach to the instrument.
If your sampler has a trigger to fade or continue samples when a new one is triggered then try to turn it on.

hey, thanks for the reply!

I’m not really sure if it’s my sampler tho as it works perfectly on my rm1x. As well, it works perfectly in renoise too so long as it’s not the same note. But the instant you try to do it with the same note, then it cuts off the previous one.

ps: maybe it’s a bug?

rm1x is a sequencer that requires a lot of patching and tweaking to get a bit real cool sound out of it.

You might need to send some MIDI cc messages along with the note probably to change the cut effect to a continue or something.
Or maybe your rm1x set your sampler to polymode before he played the sequence.
I don’t have experiences with the rm1x but did a quick read through a few reviews about it.

i’m off for duty now.

hey vvoois,

believe me I know! :) But before I was just using it as my sequenecer.

Anyway, I really think it’s a renoise bug. For one, in renoise it works perfectly when the two notes are different. But it is only when they are the same notes that it does not work.

I’m quite positive that the rm1x midi delay does not send CC message. It just repeats the notes over and over again. To verify this, I tried holding the same note on the rm1x keyboard, and trigger the same note from another keyboard. Both sounded ok without cutting each other off. Remember this test was just keyboards only! No fancy cc msgs or what not. I didn’t even hit “play”.

So can anybody verify that this actually works? It’s simple. Set an instrument to the same midi channel. Then sequence these across two separate tracks:

C 4 |  
 | C 4   

If you set the second note to a lower volume (ie. write C 4 20 [i’m in hex]) you’ll really hear the cut off.

Remember, this:

C 4 |  
 | D 4   

works (notice how the second note is a different note).

Hope someone can verify/find the fix cause this is really stopping me from making the full (paid) switch to renoise (which I have to admit, is already pretty damn sweet!).

ps: this happens both on my Access Virus B synth and my Yamaha A5000 sampler.

I just guessing now, but isn’t this a feature of Renoise and not a bug? If you send out two notes after each other, doesn’t it automatically send a note off in between? Because some synths have a problem with retriggering a note if it still is played…

it depends on how you set the NNA (New Note Action):
it can send a note off, note cut, or nothing


Do these apply for MIDI as well?

It would be nice, but i figured these applied to the instruments envelopes only (which only apply to internal samples)
My biggest problem is i don’t have MIDI synths and all that to test this out on.

At least note cut does not apply for MIDI, of course. But the other ones, I don’t know… I think it’s easier to try this out with a MIDI monitor than a synth. Playing a note when it’s still playing is kind of a “cant happen” case, as it’s impossible to do this on a keyboard. So exactly what should happen or how it should sound is hard to say.

oh no, sorry.

This does not apply for MIDI notes

vvoois, maybe if you have two computers, you can try going midi out from one computer into midi in on the other?

Johan, yea I agree, at first it does seem like a “can’t happen case.” But then again, when you’re using a sequencer (or two even!) it’s not uncommon.


Well, to get back to the problem it seems related to a note-off that is being send to the device while it probably should not receive a note off.
The only thing that bugs me is why it does not happens when the note really differs.

What would happen if you pick a second instrument assigned to the same device and patch and play the same note sequence in the same track?
So you actually use the same instrument but you play them from two different instrument-slots from within Renoise.

Well, switching to not sending any noteoffs at all would lead to other problems with some synths, if I’m not wrong. Maybe it’s older synths that won’t retrigger at all if there’s no noteoff (?). The best thing would be if NNA also affected MIDI.

johan, remember that it is already working correctly when the notes are different. It seems like a special case when the same notes are the same, it doesn’t work.

vvoois, i just tried it with two different renoise instruments assigned to the same midi channel, and it also did not work. It seems in renoise, there’s a direct mapping between note being played and midi port.


Sorry, but I don’t get your point. Of course it works with different notes, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to play chords for instance. When it’s the same note I’d say Renoise inserts a noteoff, which is a feature, not a bug afaik.

i really don’t think it should do this if it’s on separate tracks. Suppose you have that key bound to a drumloop on your sampler and you want to retrig it but keep the old one going. How would you do that? Sure you can maybe make a new sample on your sampler and set it to a different channel or note, but what a waste! It’s the same sample!

Y’know what I mean?

At the very least, there should be an option to allow me to turn off this “feature.”

ps: sorry for the late response :)

Sure, I get your point. There should be a setting for this, like it already is for samples (NNA) imo too.