midi drag/drop creates a new track at the far right - why?

Drag drop from tal bassline …first time it’s all right , the second time a se.file is drag/dropped …;a new track is created at the far right .

Iow , not on the prefered / focused track .


MIDI import was overhauled in 3.1, to support merging multiple MIDI documents into the song (remember the tedious copy-paste between instances?)

But it doesn’t support drag-drop in a selected track - new patterns are always appended to the song (it could appear to work that way the first time, but that’s only because you’re loading into an empty song?)

You also have some MIDI import options which can be configured by rightclicking a MIDI file from the Disk Browser (Load with options).

o.k. fair enough

It’s welcome that renoise can handle midi files this way ( from vst’s that can exports files directly .by drag/dropping ) .

A suggestion might be , to create a particular small area / thumbnail in renoise where we can drop in midi files , we can then drop that thumbnail onto a track.

Instead of creating new tracks in the outer corner , as currently is the case

If the midi file has more then 1 track , renoise will then automatically create tracks …