Midi Drum Pad In Renoise

So I bought one of these:
for $40 one day. Pretty good deal I couldn’t pass up, even if it is a piece of shit [protip: don’t get one for the full retail price. or, don’t get it at all :P]

I’ve been trying to set it up within Renoise. I have it going in through my MidiSport 2x2, through “In-B” [my MIDI Keyboard is going through “In-A”] I’ve set up the secondary midi device to go through B as it should be, and I am receiving MIDI data. However, no matter what samples I select, I only hear a faint clicking noise. When I play back what I recorded though, I can hear the [poorly played :D] drums when I play back the pattern though, and the note off commands are directly under the notes triggered.

I’m thinking that the drum pad is sending note off commands immediately after I hit a pad, which kind of makes sense but it also doesn’t. My question is, how do I make it so I can hear the drums when I’m only playing while not recording, or playing while recording? I RTFM for the drum pad and everything is in layman’s terms and doesn’t go very in depth, nor does it tell you how to set it up in a DAW. HELP PRZ

the same with my el drums
magic way to resolve the probme is
preferience midi and chekbox record midi offs
unchek and no offs willbe threated any more

Record Note Offs is disabled already, though. This is why I’m stumped.

Maybe this should go into “bug reports,” though it might be the Ion’s problem, not Renoise.

No other views on this?

that might work, I’ll try that in a bit