Midi Dump Device...

That would really rock and I think us MIDI users would really appreciate this kind of add on :)

It wouldn’t actually need to do more than receive and transmit sysex dumps.

When a song was opened it would ask the user if the bulkdump would be transmitted to a device and when closing a song (if not the last thing used) it would ask if the bulkdump should be received.

I would second that. But would make the automating send/receive options at open/close optional.

Allthough I think this feature would be luxury, MidiOx is doing a good job, the problem is that the dumps are not saved with the song and that you have to make a structure to keep in mind which bulk is used for which song. It is not too difficult and that complex, but this feature would of coz be more comfortable. ;)

Me 3 - Think I might have asked about this eons ago - would give my old TGs a new lease of life I reckon :)