hi, sorry for that “stupid” question, but how can i make an export of my renoise song into a midi-file? I’m not a renoise newbie, but i miss such an option…

let me explain:
i’ve been asked for a midi-file because of a remix purpose. i can’t offer my rns-file (and besides, i don’t want that), because the remixer works with cubase. all he needs is some parts of my song…

as an workaround i synchronized renoise with a midi-sequenzer, and recorded these parts manually track by track… a very annoying and inconvenient prozess, with a lot of rework. :blink:

any suggestions what i can do to solve this problem in future?? is a midi-export planned as a feature in renoise? i think that couldn’t be that hard to implement…

hmm, nobody has similar problems ?! :unsure: don’t you need midi-data of your tracks from time to time??

Now with the new xml format, I bet someone will eventually write a 3rd party xrns <-> midi exporter.

indeed, that would be very useful!

in my opinion, the worst problem with trackers-to-midi conversion is the missing of explicit note duration information on trackers: ok, you can use note-off command in order to set the note length, but you couold also not use it, as samples could not be looped, and then reach end without any note-off.

in order to perform an effective conversion, the user should be warned to always use note-off’s when a note is not terminated by another note

Yeah… Have been thinking about this as well.
This is also a problem if renoise ever gonna show notes graphically (just note duration in pattern editor or in the automation window or in a pianoroll).

One idea I have also mention before is to have an option for this note-off behavior in each instrument.
Lets say you call the current way ‘drum instrument’. And a new and default instrument type called ‘normal instrument’ (or some other name. Midi-instrument is kinda misleading in this case).
A drum instrument will not record note offs at all (default but optional). In a graphical way the notes could be shown in a default lenght (lets say one line length) without frame on the end of the note (or some other color or whatever:

| |  
| |   

While a ‘normal instrument’ will record note offs (default but optional) and always have a defined length.

| |  
| |  
| |  

I would also like options to insert default length notes according to the current quantize.

I think options like this can speed things up. And it would for certain make it easier to export things in the future if things where more defined.
I can’t see this possible slow down or change the way ppl currently work. This is fully backward compatible and optional.