Midi Filter For Unwanted Data



i have configuartion:

linux 64 bit
M Audio MPK

what i have done:

Track with Midi input MPK and Output to PhaseX Soft Synth

what happens:

when in record mode, it inserts wired midi data but i am not pressing any key on the keyboard
it seems renoise is receiving midi information… but where do they come from, because i dont press anything or tweak any knobs

Did you mean to say “weird” MIDI data?

Can you please give more details about the MIDI data that’s being recorded? Tell us the exact commands that are being recorded, or better yet upload a small example .XRNS song that contains the recorded data so that we can take a look at it. This might give us some clues about where the data is coming from.

Also, please take a look at your MIDI preferences in Renoise. Check the “Record & Play Filter” settings - if it’s a specific type of MIDI message (or a certain MIDI CC number) that’s causing a problem, you can hopefully disable it here.

Do you have Renoise slaved to any other MIDI devices, or to some other JACK application? If you do not need to use JACK in the first place, then you can safely disable JACK Transport.

You may find some other useful tips in the Renoise Linux FAQ and on the Setting Up MIDI Devices manual page.

Yeah, this could definitely also be the case.

One day, my old M-Audio Oxygen 8 suddenly became possessed by evil spirits (short circuit somewhere, I think). I simply had to move my hand near to (not touching!) one of the knobs and it would start sending out random MIDI CC data. This was clearly a fault with the device itself, though. Unless noiemaker’s MPK is actually broken, this should never happen. Would be a good idea to test it in other software, or even just a MIDI monitoring application to see exactly what the hell this thing is doing.

well the problem is gone, i don’t even know why. i have changed to mpk 61 and saffire pro 10 / texas instruments fw also upgraded the linux distro in the meantime. so i cant tell anymore either it was an configuration / driver or hardware problem

thanks for your replies