Midi Filter

My MIDI-keyboard has an error, so the bend-wheel keeps sending information
constantly. It “twitches” between to positions according to MIDImonitor (and
my effect column). I should get it fixed but im afraid that it wont be cheap, and
im on a students budget.

And if I turn off “record controllers” in Renoise I cant get modulation or
sustain pedal. :(

Is there possibly a driver that could take the midi data and just filter out
the pitch-bend data? I dont know if one exist but it should be possible.
I havent been able to google my way it yet.

Thankful for any answer.

It depends on if the element is reachable, but usually some fiber ink-scratcher will do miracles if you can reach the plates, else just try the ordinary coton-stick and alcohol.

One on a student budget is inventive.
You can either shut it down completely by cutting the ground wire if all else fail, but i guess you could reach your pitchbend contacts.

I fixed my problem for now though.

I used a program called MIDI-OX to filter out the pitchbend data and
then routed the filtered MIDI channel to a MIDI-YOKE “virtual” midi channel,
which i then use for MIDI in in Renoise.

This is nice, but it seems I have to code my pitchbends manually in the
tracks oldskool style, but then again, that is the only way I have ever
enter them :)

Programs can be found at

The cheapest way which sometimes works (at least temporarily) is to turn the knob back and forth like 50 times, which removes some of the corrosion on the pots.

This only works temporary since the corrosion comes back in a matter of weeks / months