MIDI Footcontroller for Live Guitar Multi FX

I’m trying to use Renoise for live performance with guitar and I want to create the same functionality as a multi fx pedal or amp with multiple channels:

  1. Be able to switch back and forth between presets(doofers, essentially?) - OR - have 4 doofers that can be switched with 4 footswitches
  2. Have an expression pedal doofer macro, and have this one MIDI CC be able to change to control the new doofer macro when switching

I have the Line 6 FBV Express MKII.

It has 4 footswitches that send a value of 127 on 2 different MIDI CC’s when toggled on/off. I’m wondering if there’s any way to implement this switching behavior within Renoise or if there’s a third party app that I could use for processing the MIDI before it gets to Renoise. I imagine point 2 would need the footpedal to switch CC # for different patches as I haven’t found a way to change MIDI CC mappings to parameters on the fly.

So far, all I’ve been able to figure out is how to use the footpedal on one parameter, and I haven’t found a way to use the switches as they only send one value.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated.

I made some progress:

I found that there’s an application for the pedal to set and save configurations for what it’s sending, whether it’s Bank Change, Program Change, MIDI CC, MMC, or “Mackie”.


My first step: Toggling Between 2 Effect Chains on Send Tracks

I made it so that a footswitch could toggle between 0 and 127 on a MIDI CC assigned to a Hydra input. I used the Hydra to toggle activate/bypass on sends. So at this stage, I can toggle sending a signal between 2 separate device chains.

Next step: Toggling between 4 Effect Chains on Send Tracks (as the pedal does with a Line 6 Amp)

I set up 4 hydras that will toggle between activating/bypassing sends to 4 send tracks. I couldn’t get the MIDI CC’s assigned to Hydra inputs to update the send toggles, so I had to use a bit of a hack.

I assigned 4 LFO’s with one shot to the Hydra inputs, and assigned the footswitches(sending single value of 127 on MIDI CC’s) to the LFO resets. Now I can toggle between N device chains on N send tracks. I’m pretty happy with this, but I’d like to see how far I can take it…

Next step: Switch Between Send Tracks By Incrementing/Decrementing (as a Multi FX pedal switches patches)

I realized I can just assign a MIDI CC to the Send Receiver. This isn’t mapping as I expected, however. I checked with a Hydra and the min-max range of the Receiver parameter is [0-255] (inclusive). If I set it to [0-127] (the MIDI CC sends values 7 bit values [0-127]) I get a mapping like this:


CC Percent Track

0 0 1

1 0.787 1

2 1.575 2

3 2.362 4

4 3.15 4

5 3.937 6

6 4.724 7

7 5.512 8

8 6.299 8

9 7.087 9

10 7.874 11

11 8.661 12

12 9.449 13

13 10.236 13

14 11.024 15

with CC going to 127, Percent going to 100, and track going to 128.

I don’t understand this mapping. Can someone explain it? I’m not seeing it in the manual.