midi for button triggering - but not for sample triggering

I would like to create some Renoise instruments by sampling my synthesizers via the REC function in the sample editor.

To speed up the sampling, I have assigned the RECORD START/DONE button to the lowest keyboard note by help of the MIDI LEARN function.
As long as a sample is chosen, the sample is always triggered via the keyboard.

How would you make Renoise accept using the midi keyboard “note on message” only for “button activation” but not for sample playing/entering?


Simply not assigning any sample to that particular key.
In the sample keyzone editor you can easily change the range of keys that a sample should be triggered to.

These type of things are usually bound to a CC# (short for Control Change, I think) midi message instead of a note-on. Many synths and midi keyboards have buttons sending this type of midi. The other alternative is to script a little thing that will record a new sample and then make it’s keyboard range response (sample mapping) smaller so it does not trigger on the first note. I’ve successfully coded a tool, called Basement, that handles many Renoise features away from mouse and pc keyboard with only the 8 drumpads that my MPK has. But programming a new tool is probably not the easiest solution if you’re not a programmer in daily life - you really wanna get a midi controller with buttons/pads/triggers.

Each new sample that is recorded is automatically selected. Selecting an empty slot after each recording is not very handy.

Okay, but this requires real instrument editing for each new sample that is recorded.

Ideally, I would like to record each sample, one by one, only by pressing one key on the keyboard to trigger START and DONE in the record window and play some notes - without any further steps.
As a workaround I could completely mute Renoise’s AUDIO OUT during recording and send the AUDIO IN directly to the monitors.

In my opinion, triggering the START/DONE button is not the problem, independent of using CCs or NOTE ON messages. I could use my MPC4000 or NORD G2 for triggering as well.
I think it all boils down to prevent midi NOTE ON messages from triggering any sample playback.

Okay, thought about it twice: I will use a separate MIDI controller just to trigger record START/DONE. Ideally this device will sent not a NOTE ON message, but any other midi command, like a CC. The keyboard which will be audio-recorded will not be connected to midi.

That’s just fine.

Ideally you could have a foot-pedal attached to your synthesizer that broadcasts this required CC message which Cas was talking about.
Using note messages is never the preferred method for triggering CC-related controls.

If you use one single midi device (keyboard to be sampled + attached foot controller for renoise button triggering), you would have to filter NOTE ON messages that are usually sent when playing the keys, while other messages like CCs or foot pedal presses must not be filtered. I am pretty sure my Kurzweil offers this kind of midi out filtering.

Recording by help of a foot pedal would be great!