Midi For Volume Control

I currently have two midi keyboards connected to the PC.

One of them, Roland PC-180A, has a slider called “data entry”, which I have mapped to control the global volume in Renoise (top left slider).

Here’s how this midi mapping looks like:

Now this works just fine in itself, but the problem is that stuff on track 2. Let me explain it:
The line with C0 was entered when I turned on the second midi keyboard. It also turned the volume to the max, but no big deal, since it only happened once and can easily be avoided if I turn on the keyboard earlier.

The ones with C1 however, are related to the keyboard with the slider and are more problematic. Those values get entered “automatically” and with a delay. So they don’t get written when I touch the slider, but once every minute or so. So I’ll move the slider once, and then for the next 5 minutes a line will get written 5 times without me doing anything.
It’s quite a bizarre situation that left me confused for a while.

Can this be stopped?
I saw there’s a filter in the midi preferences “Ignore specific controllers”. Could that be used to filter them out while still using the slider for the main volume?

One of the knobs went ‘bad’ somehow on an M-Audio Oxygen 8 I used to own. It would send out random MIDI data if I simply moved my hand near the damn thing, so it must have been some kind of problem with the grounding I guess. It was almost like having a MIDI Theremin, like I was interacting with it via the electrical field, and it would have actually been pretty cool if it wasn’t so completely unpredictable and useless, heh.

Yeah, it looks like it’s damaged or there is something funny going on hardware wise. It’s very inconsistent and hard to reproduce. I didn’t touch the pitch bend, btw. And doing so didn’t seem to affect this random midi data entering at all. But it is indeed the pitch bend data that gets entered. (The slider I use enters C0 077x data - that is, if I don’t have it mapped to volume.)

Now that you mentioned electrical fields… I have an amp here whose transformer occasionally buzzes and it’s very random. Maybe these two are somehow related…